Review Of Literature On African American Males Essay

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The review of literature is organized in two main sections. The first section begins with a brief history of higher education in the US and the struggles of Black males in persisting through the educational system with a Black White achievement gap. This section also includes discussion of the most recent literature on African American males in community college and the impact of family, community, spirituality and persistence, student engagement, faculty and student perspectives, and effective mentoring strategies.. The second section presents theories related to the study, including Delgado Critical Race Theory (Delgado, 2001), Tinto Student Dropout Theory (Tinto,1988), Banduras Self Efficacy Theory (Banduras, 1994), and the Anti- Deficit Achievement Framework (Harper, 2012).
History of Higher Education in the United States Prior to the mid-1800s, higher education was limited to elite, White males. It was not until the enactment of the first Morrill Land-Grant Act in 1862 that first generation White college students (both male and female) were provided the opportunity to acquire postsecondary training in the fields of agriculture, industrial and mechanical arts at state funded institutions. The second Morrill Land Grant in 1890 granted Blacks access to state funded segregated Black colleges and universities (Evans, Forney, & Guido-Dorito, 1998; Trow, 2001). In 1944, the G.I Bill was responsible for transforming America’s higher education system. It paid for the cost…

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