Essay on Review Of ' Good Rubbish ' By Jennifer Mills

1044 Words Nov 4th, 2015 null Page
Child labour is a major influence in the Andy Kissane’s short story, Good Rubbish. His piece challenges notions of working children in developing and industrialised countries, noting the harsh conditions in which children face in the twenty-first century. Jennifer Mills’s short story, Architecture, tells the story of a young, passionate architect that has an endless struggle of extended deadlines, and a sense of endless work. Both these short stories have thought-provoking differentiations, as they explain the use of using the stimulus of ‘what you know’ as a starter for creative writing. Furthermore, both stories recount of the importance of detailing aspects to enable the reader to essentially paint a picture of what they are witnessing in these stories. Good Rubbish can be interpreted as portraying hardship in Sung Meachney, also the author’s practice of ending the story and the characters development coming to an end. These elements bare many similarities to my creative writing short story, Crossover. The protagonist in my short story acts as a means to portray what I have witnessed during my service as a Rural Fire Service volunteer. My story aims to capture what many younger members, including myself experience during the bushfire seasons that occur yearly, to examine to complacency and shock that life in the service offers it’s firefighters. Similar to Architecture, my story aims to show the readers how endless waiting for a call to an incident can drag on, often…

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