Review Of ' Dracula ' By Bram Stoker Essay

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Vampire legends ran rampant across the world in ancient times. They have been around for ages and were just as popular back then as they are now. Many different stories could have inspired Stoker for his well-known Dracula novel. But it is said that Vlad Tepes or more commonly known as Vlad the Impaler, is Stoker’s real inspiration. Vlad was a perfect fit for a protagonist, being that he was a master torturer. The story goes that Vlad would impale people by putting them upside down on a sharpened stick and some say he would even feast upon his victims. Dracula has the eerie feeling to him, he lives alone in a huge dark castle, the physical appearance that he has is spooky. And there is also a chill that goes down your spine even when you hear the name Dracula. The ways he lured his victims in adds to his grotesque. Dracula is also a character that is two-sided and goes through many changes. Stoker got to pretty much depict two different character. The one who is trying to fit in with the rest of England and the one who is searching for blood at night. Vampires were feared by the upmost amount of people in ancient times. Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration of Dracula was born the Transylvanian city of Sighisoara in 1431. His father was Vlad II or Vlad Dracul, notice that Dracul could be the inspiration of the name Dracula or where he got the name from. He was from a royal background and gained throne in 1456. In Stoker’s novel you can tell Dracula is from a rich and royal…

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