Review Of Cristopher Cotter Interviews Rice Essay examples

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In this podcast review Cristopher Cotter interviews Rice University professor David Kripal, on his views on new ways of interpreting and differentiating in religious studies. In particular Kripal focuses on his views of the unnatural and extraordinary and their implications in historical and modern religion. Kripal addresses what is paranormal or mystic, to suggest a new model for interpreting religion that goes against traditional notions, by focusing on the similarities between religious experiences through human consciousness.
Classically trained in religion through seminaries Kripal was particularly interested in Christian mystics, fascinated by the paranormal and extraordinary events recorded in religious literature that seemed to have no clear definitive explanation. He was even more perplexed about how incapable the field was as whole at addressing these kinds of paranormal events. The problem being is that in our culture in particular, paranormal phenomenon are often ridiculed and taken off the table in regards to intellectual debate; they fail to acknowledge that these metaphysical problecations are part of real experiences. Kripal argues that if these events are happening now, taking place in the present then why can we dismiss that they are merely legend in the past? In order to treat these visionary experiences in a symbolic way and not literal, Kripal proposes a “New Comparative” approach that learns from past critiques to overcome problems with previous…

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