Review And Rethink Of Gender Inequality Essay

759 Words Nov 4th, 2015 4 Pages
The review and rethink of Gender Inequality in Education of China.

The issue of gender inequality in education of china indicates three major ways: gender inequality of opportunities of education, gender inequality of results of education, and gender inequality of process of education. The meaning of doing research and review about gender inequality in education in china is important, even though this issue is fulfilled with complication and diversity, because it reflects how new generation impacts the future of a country.
For a long time, the education model in China has never been changed, which is called gender-neutral education. On the historical background, the Chinese government propaganda that men and women are same which in other words no gender difference exist between men and women. The purpose is to change stubborn people minds that men enjoy higher status than women, which positively impacts on increasing of social status of women. By the time fly by, it explores more and more issues. Male and female do have difference among life experience, thinking model, and behavior. That is why human beings are so wonderful, real, diverse, and independent. However, the government merely emphasizes the identity of gender and meanwhile ignores differences between men and women. Thus, when it applies to the education, based on “men and women” are same” this main social consciousness, gender inequality is generally enlarged by it which affects several stakeholders: school,…

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