Essay on Reverse Discrimination Against White People

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(A) Rachels holds a moderate view for reverse discrimination. While conceding that if the system is to be implemented, there may be some cases of injustice involved against white people (1. Rachels, cc. 331); overall, reverse discrimination is the way to help reduce bias against people of minority groups and women by introducing them to the fields they were previously excluded from. Rachels claims that reverse discrimination is a part of distributive justice, namely for jobs, education opportunities, and so on. But the notion of “distributive” can be a little misleading, as some goods like jobs cannot be “distributed” equally, instead, in a free society, people should have the freedom to hire whoever they want (2. Rachels, cc. 320). He uses this argument in defense of reverse discrimination, the argument presents that people do not naturally have claims of right to jobs that are privately produced, also, see to it that people should already have the rights to hire freely, then there is nothing wrong with hire preferentially as long as the business is private (3. Rachels, cc. 321). But this is only one side of the equation. Rachels believes that this argument depends on the assumption that an action is only unjust if someone’s right is violated, but someone can be treated unjustly simply being treated as someone deserves to. Then comes in the main argument Rachels provides, desert. He stresses, throughout his arguments, that what one deserves solely depends on their own…

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