The Injustice For Jake's Murder In Kansas

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Kansas, 1877. Texas Ranger JAKE FONTAINE wants revenge for his brother’s murder and trails the man responsible, outlaw GRIZZLY DUVALL, to Kansas. When Jake rides into an ambush and runaway KAT COLLINS saves his life, she bargains to accompany him to Missouri if he’ll let her collect the reward.
In St. Joseph, and a case of mistaken identity lands Jake behind bars. The tenacious Kat vouches for him, stirring awkward emotions between the two.
Duvall escapes aboard a steamboat and in a cruel twist, the boilers explode, sinking the vessel. The bodies are unidentifiable and the sheriff concludes the outlaw must have perished. While the outcome doesn’t bring Jake the peace he sought, it reinforces his need to return to Texas.
But Kat’s menacing kinfolk catch up with them, and a hangman’s noose convinces him to marry Kat. Despite the couple’s agreement to have the marriage annulled, a passionate night together changes everything. Jake doesn’t believe in love, but when his bride steals his horse and heads for St. Louis without him, he wants her back. After a fruitless search, he returns to Texas and hires a Pinkerton agent to continue the search.
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Louis, albeit now Jake lives on his grandfather’s ranch and has pursued a divorce for abandonment. Convinced she is a distant memory, he sends his grandfather LUCKY “CHANCE” DAVENPORT to Missouri with the divorce papers.
Chance sends Jake a telegram saying the woman is not Kat, hoping to push him into courting ANGELA MCALLISTER who comes with a dowry. Afterward, Chance learns he has a great-granddaughter and before he divulges his identity, he becomes ill. Making a hasty will, Chance leaves Kat his ranch and stipulates she must live there for a

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