Revenge In Hamlet

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In Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, readers are introduced to the story of a young mans quest for revenge. In the beginning Hamlet is left with his own devices to deal with the death of his father. After going home and receiving no support or the consultation he was hoping to get, he starts to let distrust breed in his mind. Although Hamlet is raised as a prince and should live a life of comfort, he instead has an inherent distrust of the people surrounding him, therefore leaving him absent of happiness. Hamlet truly believed that he would have someone to trust when his father died; but instead even his mother, the one person in the world who should understand him, looks the other direction, leaving him broken. Hamlet returns home due to …show more content…
When Hamlet is talking to his guards he gets jumpy when they mention his father. Hamlet snaps at Horatio saying, “I prithee, do not mock me, fellow student. I think it was to see my mother’s wedding.”(Shakespeare 33) He is starting to burn the bridges that connect him to people. He is no longer starting to trust what people say any more and is putting words in their mouths. He can not relax anymore and feels no logical reason to do so. Thinking that people will only spout lies to try and appease him he sees that bad in everyone even if it is not there. The one thing that tips Hamlet over the edge though, is when the Ghost of his father tells Hamlet that his uncle murdered him. Hamlet states, “Yea, from the table of my memory I’ll wipe away all trivial fond records,” (Shakespeare 63) Hamlet has given every memory he has so he can remember his father. He abandons getting better and having a joyful life to seek revenge. He has lost all trust in his uncle and mother. Once he found out what his uncle did to his father he swears revenge, but also at that point he swears away any happiness that he could feel in life. He has lost comfort in everyone around him for they listen to the murderous King and Queen. With find out about the murder being the last straw for Hamlet he lets all ties with people

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