Restorative Justice : The Public School System Essay

1673 Words Dec 12th, 2016 7 Pages
Restorative Justice has been proven to have positive effects in a classroom setting, in approaches to conflict resolution as well as in personal growth for people of all ages, however the Provincial Ministry of Education has not effectively incorporated restorative justice to play a lead role in its approach to conflict resolution. Through an exploration of the current justice system used by most schools in the Ontario Public School system, and analysis of examples that show restorative justice is successful in learning environments, as well as opportunities for restorative justice to be incorporated into the Ontario School System, it is evident that the Provincial Ministry of Education should be making more of an effort to incorporate restorative justice into its conflict resolution approach, as well as classroom environments. There are many different values that the Provincial Ministry of Education, the Ontario Public School System and restorative justice share. The Ontario Public School System’s values are shared with students through what is called the hidden curriculum, and these in correlation with restorative justice are both built upon characteristics that society should be wishing upon upcoming generations. The hidden curriculum is explained as values that are represented by the school system to teach students morals and social norms (Richmond, 2015). Accountability is one characteristic that the Ontario School System attempts to incorporate through different type…

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