Restorative Justice And The Justice System Essay

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The criminal justice system has a goal of providing justice to society for any wrong doing by offenders. The traditional justice system fails both offenders and victims alike by its inability to successfully rehabilitate offenders. There is a viable alternative to the traditional justice in the use of the restorative justice system “Restorative justice is based on the principle that a crime has affected the community, victim, and offender and as such all three should be involved in the resolution of the crime (Griffiths, 2014 p.208). Restorative justice makes use of victim-offender mediation, victim impact statements and other means of reconciling offenders to their victims to prevent future crimes from taking place. When an offender must reconcile themselves to their victims and the community it is the first step they will take in the rehabilitation process.

Restorative justice is a method that the criminal justice system uses that is meant to rehabilitate offenders involved in a crime to the community and their victims. The basis of the restorative justice method is the need for offenders to recognize the harm that they have caused to the victims of their crimes and begin the process of trying to rectify the situation, “Key notions in restorative justice are healing, reparation, reintegration, and the prevention of future harm” (Griffiths, 2014, pg. 306). Restorative justice attempts to reconcile the offender and their victims, so both parties can understand what has…

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