Restoration Of A Natural State For Clean Water Access For The People Of Florida

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The Everglades Foundation is focused on restoring the Everglades and surrounding estuaries to a natural state for clean water access for the people of Florida. Katz and Light would both agree that restoration should be done but they have differing views on restoration. Katz believes that it creates domination over nature and Light believes in non-dominant restoration. In this paper, I will discuss the two views and how it applies to the Everglades Foundation. As I explain these positions I will develop my reasoning and formulate my position on the foundation. My thesis is that I believe that the Everglades Foundation is headed in a reasonable direction in terms of restoration.
One part of Katz’s argument is being in agreement with Elliot in that restoration of nature does not restore the original value. Katz’s most important argument is that through restoration humans are dominating over nature. Even though Katz knows that restoration is beneficial, humans are at error for thinking that they can shape nature for their own benefit. He is not making humans a caricature, he just wants to prevent people from thinking anthropocentrically in terms of restoration. The mission of the Everglades Foundation states that they are dedicated to protecting and restoring America’s Everglades. It goes further to state that they are trying to restore the estuaries to its natural state. Katz would find this statement problematic because his first argument is that you cannot restore…

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