Essay about Response to Poison by Roald Dahl

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“No pressure, no diamonds.” This amazing quote was once stated by Thomas Carlyle. It emphasizes the importance of the challenges and difficulties life puts us through, as without these hurdles, humankind would not have advanced this far. These adversities and hardships often bring out the mental strengths in people, and can even bolster their will to elevate or propel themselves to success. Heroic and exceptional human beings people are strengthened through the demanding struggles, bringing about their large mental capacities and high morale and thereby resulting in one’s development of hope and resilience and graciousness. Unfortunately, hardships can also cause the downfall of people. Some just cannot handle the stress, and they crumble …show more content…
Ganderbai. Late one night in India, Timber arrives back home to realize that Harry, his roommate, has a krait on him and so he immediately calls Dr. Ganderbai to come over to help them. Dr. Ganderbai comes to the rescue immediately, without any hesitation and he does his best to try and helps them in this dire situation. However, , but instead of receiving gratitude for his help with the krait, he is insulted by Harry with racist remarks. Yet, despite this, the doctor somehow stays calm and manages not to lash out at Harry. The significance of this example is that Dr. Ganderbai’s behavior reveals the fullest extent of his admirable sense of integrity. It reveals his compassionate, genuine and generous spirit in stark contrast to Harry’s ungrateful arrogance.

Another character whose core personality traits are exposed in the story is Timber. Timber is the roommate of Harry, the victim who supposedly had a krait on top of him. During the whole process of him discovering the krait and helping Dr. Ganderbai, he Timber is remarkably calm and collected. He proves to be helpful and does not abandon Harry in the time of need, although as a roommate he certainly did not have to stretch his neck out for Harry, so to speak. This shows that he is one of those people who shows their inner strengths and true kindness when pressure is put on them. The same thing cannot be said for Harry. He only tolerated Dr.

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