Response To John Stuart Mill's 'Autobiography'

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In the paragraph written by John Stuart Mill from his book Autobiography. Chapter V, he argues that when you make the enjoyment of happiness an important thing, it doesn’t seem to make you as happy. I disagree with this because I think that you should enjoy every little thing that happens to you. If something good happens, then enjoy that and let it keep you happy for a long time. Don’t take any happy moment for granted. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you should only care about your happiness, you should also care about other people’s happiness. Don’t try to only make yourself happy, help others. If you have a happy moment though, enjoy it but don’t brag. It’s always good to stay humble.

In the Mill article, he states the following “the enjoyments of life (such was now my theory) are sufficient to make it a pleasant thing, when they are taken en passant, without being made a principle object.Once make them so, they are immediately felt to be insufficient” (Mill 1). What this basically means is that you enjoy more things in life when you don’t make them an important thing because once you do so, they will be inadequate. I disagree with this because I believe you should enjoy everything no matter what. Be happy, because in moments of sorrow you will miss being happy. Life is very short so live life happy. People tend to like
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McMahon. In the article “In Pursuit of Unhappiness” the author suggests to “have dinner with your family or walk in the park with your friends”(McMahon 12). He believes that by doing so you’ll find happiness. I partially agree with him because spending time with your friends and being around the people you love does make you happy. Sometimes people are happier alone. Everyone is different, everyone has different personalities. Different things make people happy. What makes me happy probably won’t make you

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