Resistance Against El Jefe

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These two extremely brave sisters have been through alot together when it comes to the resistance against El Jefe or better known as Rafael Leonidas Trujillo. Jefe has had a big handful with these to cutting edge smart girls. From sneaking notes into meetings with officials from other states to leading shipments of guns and explosives to other resistance members houses. Even though Jefe won the battle against the girls their stories will forever live on in the mind of the Dominican people. Why don’t we look into what these girls did exactly to win the hearts of every man and woman, except for Jefe of course, in their home country of the Dominican Republic under this awful leaders rule. Why don’t we start off with Minerva’s story. Minerva …show more content…
Jefe invited the sisters father to a mansion party with a demand of bringing Minerva. At the party, Minerva is asked to sit at Jefes table. After she refuses, her father insist on it so she takes her father's word and continues to the table. After the initial start of the party Jefe ask Minerva to dance and she willingly goes along. During this dance, Jefe is treating Minerva un gentleman like so she slaps him and that opens the real leader up to her which starts something that will be the beginning of this “Great” leader's end. Now we have Maria Teresa. Maria, or Mate, was the youngest of the four sisters with a 9 year difference between her and the third oldest Minerva. Maria really didn’t join the fight against Jefe to really fight against him at first. She really joined the fight to follow Minerva because she always looked up to Minerva. It wasn’t till there father died in prison when she actually started her fight against Jefe. Maria was one of Minerva’s key partners to the resistance. Being the only other sister in the group they went through a lot together from sneaking notes to officials to sneaking shipments of weapons. These two sisters were the true Butterflies of the group. So it’s no surprise when these two sisters plus their older sister Patria go missing Jefe is blamed for their murders and is later assassinated by members of the resistance as an uproar of the sister’s

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