Repression Of The Soviet Economic System Essay

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Regime change highlights the negative, primal desires of the human conscious. Greed and apprehension are the driving factors behind today’s global instability. Economically, the US intervened in foreign land for the same reasons other global powers did throughout the course of human history. The target country has resources that the intervening country wants. Business interests and potential for profit were driving forces behind invasion. Moreover, the fear that communism would spread throughout the world justified covert operations and full-scale military operations. After WWII, newly forming nations found promise in Communism and Soviet principles because it provided a basis for equality among its citizens and gave power to the working class. In efforts to contain this expected spread of the Soviet economic system, the US removed every existing leader that was not explicitly supporting the US and installed pro-West dictators. However, these replacements lead to a dangerous and volatile global environment that involve millions that harbor hostile emotions towards America. The consistent breakdown of attempted regime change America imposed throughout the world affected its security domestically as evident in Afghanistan, Cuba, and Iraq. Afghanistan epitomizes the relation between selfish intervention and disastrous consequences. In 1979, Soviet forces intervened to support the Afghan communist government against anti-communist guerilla militia and remained there until 1989…

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