Renova Case Study Essay

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Mission – promote the well-being of both body and mind, while granting a successful relationship not only of a person with oneself but also with the whole environment.

Vision – Europe’s leading brand that loves the consumers, cares about them and has a culture of innovation, always appearing with creative, daring and well designed solutions that have in mind environmental issues and the emotional connection between products and consumer.

Strategic objectives: * Expand into new markets, such as Brazil, in the next 15 years * Grow the business in current markets: 1) increase the worldwide market share in the tissue industry to 10% in the next 10 years 2) increase the market share in the toilet paper market in Portugal
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High quality low diversification
Private labels
Low quality
High diversification
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Diversification is the quantity of features available in the toilet paper, such as fragrances, colors, designs and other features that make it more than just toilet paper!


Black label: premium price strategy (launch of a new product with high quality and high price) price objective: non-price competition price method: value based pricing (sets prices taking into account the perceived customer value)

Super and green:
Price objective: volume oriented
Price strategy: penetration
Price method: cost-based pricing (sets prices taking costs into account)

Progress, 4ply, Fraicheur, Fragrance, Moist Price obj: non price competition since these are premium brans (special features, more than toilet paper) Price strategy: neutral Price method: value based pricing

Different product categories have different prices depending on different features and quality – product line pricing;

Renova uses Quatity discounts for consumers who buy large volumes (packs’ prices are lower than the rolls bought individually)

Promotional pricing (see in promotion chapter)


Competitive position

Black label – differentiation focus, since Renova seeks differentiation in its target segment

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