Religious Violence In Ramu Essay

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Register to read the introduction… at night, some people staged a procession in Ramu in protest of the perceived blasphemous image uploaded to a Facebook account. Newspaper reports stated that local Awami League leaders were initially seen mobilising the mob and emphasising the sentimental religious issue to counter the opposition. The Daily Star, a widely circulated national daily, reported that a motley group comprising local leaders of pro-Awami League organisations, BNP men, madrasa students and common people were allegedly behind the communal violence at Ramu on Saturday night.[4] At a subsequent procession, some people demanded the arrest of Uttam Kumar Barua. At around 11:30 PM, a third procession marched towards Barua Parha, and some of the Buddhist houses were torched.[5] Subsequently, Buddhist temples, monasteries, and residences were also torched. Ten Buddhist villages were attacked as well with[5] gunpowder, kerosene, and petrol used for the purpose.[6] The arson continued till 3 A.M. in the morning of 30 …show more content…
This includes violence against religious institutions, persons, objects, or when the violence is motivated to some degree by some religious aspect of the target or precept of the attacker. Religious violence does not refer exclusively to acts committed by religious groups, but also includes acts committed by secular groups against religious groups.
Religious violence, like all violence, is an inherently cultural process whose meanings are context-dependent. Religious violence often tends to place great emphasis on the symbolic aspect of the act. Religious violence is primarily the domain of the violent "actor", which may be distinguished between individual and collective forms of violence. Overall, religious violence is perpetrated for a very large number of ideological reasons and is generally only one of a very large number of underlying social and political issues that lead to the unrest in

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