Religious Life on Planet Earth Essay

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Religious Life on Planet Earth
Michael Wagner
Professor Jim Hewitt
World Religions
October 25, 2011
Strayer University

This document will outline how if one person came from another planet could they determine if the people on planet earth are religious and if they are, what behaviors do they demonstrate that would suggest a person being religious. This will be set forth by establishing a four point criteria that will be used to determine if one is religious.
The document will also outline three religious behaviors based on the four point criteria to support how one can perceive another person being religious. It will also explain the function of religion as it appears on Earth.
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This religious communication should be able to give the listener some indication of what the person professes in terms of his or her faith. This should include knowledge of his or her creator, the idea and purpose that the creator has set out, the texts that support the claims and the customs traditions and rites that support his beliefs.
Continuing actions that are pursuant to one trying to obtain a higher spiritual plane.
There should be some form of demonstration that would indicate that the follower of the belief system is actually practicing and or following it with some degree of certainty and that the actions that he or she is taking is in accordance with what his or her creator has outlined in the texts. This is not to say that one has to be an ascetic or a devout follower, but the indication has to be one where there is some clear distinction from those that are not practicing versus the ones that are practicing.
Function of religion based on observations and coming from an alien or foreign perspective. The observable function of the religion should be “betterment”. Does the religion and or belief system have a component that will allow the follower to be better than he was prior to accepting the belief? The individual should be able to correct mistakes that he or she made in the past by way of the new belief system and apply some new way of thinking that will allow him or her to attain some spiritual enlightenment.

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