Religion Should Be Incorporated Into The Public School Curriculum

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Religious Studies in Schools

The controversy debating about whether or not religion should be incorporated into the public school curriculum has been discussed for years now with little progress to show for it. The place for religion in public schools has been non-existent for half a century and it’s about time that changes. Teaching about religion in public schools, starting at a young age, not only benefits the students, but strengthens society in the long run. Such advantages for incorporating the study of the world’s religions in schools can include decrease in bullying, eliminate outdated stereotypes, and educate our citizens about the different cultures around us and within our country. The lack of cohesion between student’s and the faith faith based world, results in poor understanding and lack of a tolerance for other faiths that differ from individuals’ own (80%, 1). However, with the introduction of the study of different religions found in every part of the world can unify students rather than separate them based on something as outdated as a difference in faith. Along with building knowledge of different cultures, establishing respect for different faiths, and becoming better learners.

Before any of these advantages can be seen by the introduction of religion studies into public schools, the notion of Separation of Church and State must be thrown out the door. Tim Greenwood shed light on the subject dealing with the topic of Separation of Church and State,…

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