Essay on Religion, Science, And Science

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Religion, science, creationist, evolution are one of the many subjects discussed in the article. Its seems the writer thinks that society today is wrapped in a bubble of self-interest and ideologies that they hold on to, and anyone that does coordinate to their ideologies are obviously out of the loop. This pattern is the way majority of the population follow, and the few left out of the loop are left to fend for themselves or forced to oblige. I for one fully support this notion; as the internet becomes increasingly accessible and science progresses, people are opening the doors to new information and knowledge faster, which is successfully creating a society of so-called experts- meaning everyone believes they know something about anything because they saw it on the internet. Most of these so-called experts’ access websites and sources that claim to entertain and educate at the same time, but most of these sources provide false or shabbily researched information. Their only aim is to bring in visitors and viewers with eye-catching topics that only aim to entertain. In the aspects of religion, apparently in 1966 “The New York Times” released a controversial piece with the title asking the question “Is God dead?” The piece claimed that with the new found progression of science religion might become obsolete, but these notions are refuted as evidence today proves the religion is still a very strong part of our society. From my knowledge and beliefs religion is deeply…

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