Religion, Religion And Religion Essay

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Religion, the one thing that gives people hope that when we are done living our lives on Earth there is another life to live. Religion has evolved as everything does, there are polytheistic and monotheistic religions.Both the types of religions have evolved vastly from where they began. Firstly the class discussed Mesopotamia, which was on of the first civilizations talked about int class, they were a polytheistic religion, that had many gods for many different things including every region had one god to rule over them. There has been and evolution of temples (ziggurats) since the beginning, it started as a temple, and eventually went to a step temple called the ziggurat, which had the main temple on the very top. The priests and people that worked fro the priests as well as officials lived closest to the temples. Over time the lower-classed people did not get the chance to study and talk to their gods, because temples became less accessible. There was a hierarchy that spanned from the gods, to the kings, and elites, then to the common people. This religion, was not stable because not everyone could visit the temples and as the capital was conquered and states began fighting with each other, the religion aspect of Mesopotamia, which was a huge part of their culture, was put on the back burner. Religion to the Egyptians is one of the key aspects of their life. They are polytheistic, and a god chooses their pharaohs and pharaohs and after death are considered to be gods.…

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