Essay on Religion On Society And Society

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Religion depends on society and society depends on religion. Religion brings society a value and significance. Sociologists analyze religion using three verifying perspectives: structural-functionalism, conflict theory, and the symbolic-interactionist perspective. Structural perceives religion for what it truly is which a social interaction and control belief. Whereas conflict, sees religion as a social discrimination and symbolic also sees religion as a social interaction. When a person walks down the street wearing a cross around their neck, Christians see this individual as a fellow follower. If a person sees an individual practicing Wicca, they shun them. Why? For the reason that it’s not the socially accepted form of religion.
Functionalists view religion as an important factor to the world’s social aspect. It creates opportunities for social groups to be organized. As people come together, they start to realize the people around them share common principles and opinions. Religion can and is used for conversation. Individuals use religion for conversation to see what the people around them believe; this allows a person to either be comfortable or uncomfortable around the said people. In addition while finding a comfort zone within the people who follow the religion. People also find a comfort zone within the religion, such as praying. In emotional crisis, religion is used as an outlet for emotions. There are many reasons to why people pray, it could be for happy…

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