Religion Of Lust

Very old accounts of fallen angels and real-life devils exists not as just myths and legends; on the contrary, occur as an intricate segment of our world, both past and present. Accordingly, for readers that would like in-depth evidence and explanations concerning the evolution of what I call the Religion of Lust, the following section broadens Part II; continuing on the journey through time into ancient orgiastic cults that evokes Satan’s perpetual existence. In Part III, my foremost purpose persists to relate firmer facts and exhibit how extensive and documented ancient goat creatures occurred.
A range of historians deem there exists little said regarding Satan and ‘its’ wickedness in the Old Testament; however, its presence becomes quite evident when targeted as an ‘evil sexual force’ that transformed during the most
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Scores of historians believe Satan as a “goatman creature” existed primarily as a fable; however, on the contrary, early texts give evidence of how a creature such as this evolved in numerous places. Distinctly, among the fallen angels, there evolved one that combined goat-like characteristics with that of a human. In addition, goat god creatures appeared in ancient Babylon and the surrounding areas, incarnating persistently. In early Egypt, a goat god emerges so powerful it initiated secret ceremonies for the high priests. Early Semitic tribes offered sacrifices and indulged in sexual fornication with goatmen. Consequently, the appearance of goat creatures and horned deities appear to duplicate in large numbers spreading in various countries. The Bible speaks of the Israelites whoring after goat creatures so provocatively that ‘atonement’ transpires using scapegoats. Through the centuries, idolatrous goat worship continuously emerges among God’s

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