Religion In Beowulf Research Paper

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Religion in Beowulf
Religion is a sensitive issue in Beowulf, because this story was taken from early medieval times period when the pagan religion was practiced. However, the story has been Christianized because it was told in late medieval Anglo-Saxon Britain and the Christianity was widely practiced this time. If this story was told in early medieval time it would have been told more about pagan, but because of the time period and the number of audience was Christian, the ideas of both Christian and pagan elements exist in the Beowulf.
One of the religious concepts in this story was Grendel’s character. Although the narrator did not mention any religion by its God’s name such as Jesus, we as a reader can understand that the main character of this story is Christian. Only reference could be found On page 6, the narrataor mentioned about the story of Cane and Abel. He
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Grendel’s mother attack and killing Aeschere is a revenge on her son’s death.

Significant of number 3: The number three is mentioned various times throughout the story. Three is very important number in Christian religion. Chrishtian believe that the life of Christ was divided into three stages, the childhood, youth and “lost year”. That’s why the narrator divided the story into stages. Beowulf fights for three major battles with Drendel, his mother and Dragon. Also the items are listed and collected in number three such as- author says on page 91, lines 2174, And gave her, also three supple, graceful, Saddle bright horses.” The significance of number three was not only important for the Christian’s, it was also important for the western culture before Christian had arrived. Magical number in western literature. Three little pigs that build home. Three goat trying to cross the bridge. three little bears locks. And three brothers who encounter

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