Essay on Religion and Social Engagaement

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Though many sources have stated that religious concurrence betters the social resources of an

individual, no hard evidence has been found to prove this. Ties to social engagement, however,

can be found through many religions. Many religious groups view charitable activity such

as the giving of alms, and helping those who suffer as something they are obligated to do in

order to satisfy their faith, and uphold the principles that go along with it. Some of the most

prominent social and political activists of our time were motivated by their faith, and their own

interpretations of the sacred doctrine of their Religion. Not so coincidental, many hospitals,

social service agencies, and clinics can trace the roots of
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Dr. King, grew up in a stable two parent home, received an excellent education, and had strong

ties to his religious traditions, as his father Revered Martin Luther King was a well-known

minister. Though he grew up in a time of heavy segregation and very present racism, his Mother

instilled in him a sense of “somebodiness”, and to never let the system make him feel inferior.

At the age of 14 King had won an award for the deliverance of a speech entitled, “The Negro

and the Constitution”. Dr. King said “We cannot truly be Christian people so long as we flout

the central teachings of Jesus, loving one another.” Dr. King believed that Jesus’s show of love

was to be lived out in everyday relationships, and that the true pacifism is the “courageous

confrontation of evil by power of love.” After examining the writings and teachings of Mahatma

Ghandi, King developed ideas of how to interpret and apply the teachings on a social level.

Dr. King took a stand, he was a civil rights activists, and a beacon of faith in the AfricanAmerican community during a time in history when things were quite devastating for blacks. He

promoted peaceful protests, and had many times been arrested for acts of such, like sit-ins. His

message was love and this generated a loyal following of supporters. In many of his infamous

speeches Dr. King quotes the New Testament. He preached to his fellowship that violence

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