Religion And Non Religious Concepts Essay

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According to Macintyre, it is difficult to understand or believe that two people share a concept where they do not agree on every judgement of the concept. It may be true if they agree on some point of the concept. He pointed out that some people argue on the point that skeptics of religion and believers of religion do not agree on religious concept, but they do agree on non-religious concept therefore, they share a concept. Their point is that both religion and non-religion uses the same form of concept in judgement. However, Macintyre explains that people with such view are making mistake of ignoring religious concept such (as God, sin, and salvation) which has no counterpart on religious concept in non- religious context. Another mistake is in religious concept, secular predicates words such as powerful, omnipotent, and supreme are used analogically which have different meaning in non-religious concept, therefore, the problem is not solved. Macintyre explain that in order to solve this dilemma indirectly, there should be an enquiry in different area other than philosophy of religion to find out if the same dilemma has occurred. According to the author, anthropologists (the primitive societies) claim to agree on a concept known as ‘mana’ or ‘tabu’ but they do not share it. In attempt to solve his dilemma, Macintyre put his focus on three different way of discussing it. He started by discussing anthropologists Le’vy Bruhl concept of Primitive thought and said Le’vy Bruhl…

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