Religion And Morality Of Religion Essay

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I was born in a house that was very religious, our everyday life was largely influence by the teaching of religion. So naturally myself worst was deeply rooted in the Christian way of life. But all this change when I got older and got exposed to other way of thinking, and started to have debate with my father about religion and the bias people have when it comes to living a good life. I believe people can live a moral life and achieve morality without out being religious. When it comes to debate about organized religion there are many resisted subjects on religion and morality.
So people like I that believed that a man or a woman can obtain morality can maintained it without religion. I believe this is possible because we live in a new age that allow people to think for themselves and people are starting to realize that morality must be maintained without religion because times have changed. We live in a time that religion is no longer the governing force or moral compact we look to for direction. Matter of fact religion need to be separated from the state in general or we could suffer severe damage, like crusades and the holocaust. Like the famous saying goes if we don’t learn from his history we are bond to relive it. Event like the Holocaust might be our future seeing the road our country is heading with the choices we have for leadership. There is a big difference between ethics and belief. I have come to realized that when a person obtain morality without…

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