Essay on Religion And Its Impact On Religion

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I. Introduction The world we live in today is filled with anger, violence, and hate. Millions are tortured, sold, and ultimately killed everyday and everyday we ask why. Out of all the religions that permeate this earth, why does this world seem so godless? The experts take the easy way out and say that God is dead and religion has been killed right along with him, but this is simply not true. According to Nancy Ammerman, we live in a world where religion is widespread across borders and penetrates the everyday lives of everyday people, but it is often not recognized because we look for very specific traditions the do not reach beyond the walls of a place of worship. Ammerman argues that if we look beyond our stagnant, traditional view of religion, we will see its hybridity and boundlessness. Religion is not tied to a specific personality type, social status, building, or tradition. It is also not binary, meaning that a person is not either completely devoted or completely faithless, but religion does blend into the everyday lives of ordinary people and reaches into places such as the workplace and schools. This argument makes the answer to the question of where God is in this hate-filled world a little different. Rather than saying God is dead, it seems that God is more alive than ever in many different contexts. This news of the hybridity of religion has serious implications when it comes to creating a global bioethics because religion can either unite the world or…

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