Relationship Between The Aboriginal People And The Government Of Canada

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The relationship between the Aboriginal people in Canada and the Government of Canada is described as strained and imbalanced due to the opposite perspectives they have on federal laws and policies. Most Aboriginal people argue that the current laws and policies is unfair and that it is a continuation of the past colonial laws, which have made them impoverished. On the other hand, many non-Aboriginal politicians tend to ignore the claims of the indigenous people and the poverty crisis they are in. John Rawls and Robert Nozick are the two political thinkers who could be discussed to analyze the question of whether or not the circumstances of the Aboriginal people are just. In his work, Rawls emphasizes the importance of distributive state with the theory of justice as fairness while Nozick favors the minimal state with entitlement theory. Therefore, although both Rawls and Nozick discuss the concept of justice, their approaches yield different answers to the question of what justice requires as a remedy to the unequal position of Aboriginal people in Canada. This paper will examine the circumstances of the Aboriginal people in Canada by using the Rawlsian and Nozickian approaches; and argue that the Rawlsian approach is more convincing as it brings peace to the society, allows equal opportunities to everyone and provides people with the fundamental rights to live.
Before applying the Rawlsian and the Nozickian approaches to the circumstance of the Aboriginal people in Canada,…

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