Relationship Between Religion And Morality Essay

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The morals of life, whether you agree or not, is the difference between what is right or wrong. However, the question most asked with this topic seems to be, do ethics and morals go hand in hand with the big man upstairs, God? Or, are morals and ethics merely traits we learn over the span of our lives? “Morality is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as the ‘principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.’" (Echolls). The relationship between religion and morality is unclear. There are three broad views, that morality: opposes religion, is independent of religion, and that it depends on the religion. I firmly believe that morals and ethics are learned through the practice of religion. The view of some on morals is that it opposes religion. This view comes from those who do not believe in the concept of God, but rather that there is no spirit or higher power than that of living beings on earth. Covets such as Atheist and Satanist believe that we are merely born with the traits to know right from wrong. “A person who denies God, they reason, must be, if not actively evil, at least indifferent to considerations of right and wrong.” (ANTONY) However, there are large flaws in this way of thinking. In an article from The New York Times the journalist states, “But such atheists’ repudiation of morality stems more from an antecedent cynicism about ethics than from any philosophical view about the divine. According to these nihilistic atheists,…

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