Essay about Relationship Between Love And Arrange Marriages

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I have revised my essay with adding more details and including more individuals as suggested by instructor and peers. I believe that my essay is stronger with adding the history of arranged marriages and how arranged marriages evolve over time. In my previous submission I did not include the history of marriages and the countries where arranged marriages are common. I also include the divorce rate of different areas in this essay. I added some more details on compare and contrast between love and arrange marriages. I realized that I have chosen a broad topic, which has a lot of information to cover in a short space. I had really good feedbacks from my peers. After following the peer review I went to college success center to get help correction on my essay. I think I have added a lot more information to my essay than my previous essay. I am looking forward to receive feedback on this essay to improve myself as better writer in future.By simple definition, marriage is a legal or formal recognized union of a man and a woman as partner in the relationship. There are different types of marriages to consider. One of them is called arranged marriage. Arranged marriage is “a marriage that is arranged between the families of the two people being married, often with the help of a matchmaker, and usually with the consent of the couple”(Macquarie). According to the Shradha Chettri arranged marriages may have started amid the Vedic time of Indian history. An arranged marriage was gotten…

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