Compare And Contrast Thrushcross Grange And Wuthering Heights

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This essay will discuss Catherine and Heathcliff 's development as characters through the two key settings of the Thrushcross Grange and Wuthering Heights. Focusing on their characteristics of pride, anger, passion and resentment which are developed through the key factors of love and the Heights chaotic and dangerous nature. This will be contrasted to the civilised representation of culture in which the Grange exemplifies.

Catherine relationship with the Grange began when she was mauled by a dog and forced to stay there. This marks the beginning of her confinement at Thrushcross Grange which will reveal her as someone who is more concerned with herself than her relation to others. An example of this narcissistic quality is when she behaves
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These edicts of social behaviour totally contrast with those of the Heights population who are all of rough country backgrounds. They are isolated from the social norms and therefore do not conform to them unless exposed such as Catherine or Heathcliff when he leaves for three years. The more luxurious lifestyle of Catherine is a product of her time and eventual life with Edgar on the Grange. At the Grange they associate animals with being domesticated cats and trees as embellishments of the town they are lush and common in the Grange as well. Whereas in the Heights they see animals as wild and free, the plants are a means of survival these differing views on there environments shapes Heathcliff into the resilient man he becomes as seen in his childhood “he was as uncomplaining as a lamb; though hardness, not gentleness, made him give little trouble” (Emily Brontei, 34) this hardness continues throughout his life and can be clearly linked to not only the Height 's environment but the people who occupy it. This toughness is not only a psychological one but a physical one developed through all the jobs he does on the farm. The Grange can be seen as more youthful the people who stay there hold onto their young appearances due to the convenience of the Grange whereas maturation on the Height is quickly forced on them by the demands of the environment. Catherine develops a different maturation in the social sense but one example of her lack in maturation is her relationship with Heathcliff she fails to understand that Edgar will not help Heathcliff out financially as he is his competition. She naively thinks she will be able to control Edgar much like she controls Heathcliff in

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