Pride And Prejudice Letters Analysis

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Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice describes the interactions between the middle and upper classes in 18th century England. The protagonists Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy navigate the issues of pride and prejudice as they struggle with their relationship and family relations. Throughout the novel, Jane Austen uses letters to amplify these struggles while furthering character development. Each letter provides for a more intricate plotline while illustrating various personality traits within the characters. This allows for characteristics that traditionally would not be overtly shown to be emphasized. Exposing certain personality traits in characters that otherwise are shadowed or miscommunicated when expressed in direct interaction with other characters. The letters give the characters a medium in which they can articulate facts they believe to be true. This better communicates a character’s personality to the reader while revealing important information to the characters within the novel. This essay will examine letters written by Mr. Collins, Lydia Bennet, and Mr. Darcy, in order to prove that the use of letters in Pride and Prejudice serves …show more content…
It is the letters in Pride and Prejudice that reveal the subtle personality traits in characters that are not easily conveyed through direct interaction. It is through the medium of letters that the reader comes to understand the depth of Mr. Collins strident nature, Lydia’s immaturity, and Darcy’s compassionate tendencies. It is also through letters that other characters, mainly Elizabeth, opinions and prejudice can be influenced causing a fundamental shift in the relationships between characters. Letters are an integral aspect of Pride and Prejudice for they create a more intricate plotline, while elaborating upon existing traits within characters allowing for a deeper understanding of the characters

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