Rehab Paper

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September 05 2011

Rehabilitation Paper Parole happens when the release of an inmate, before the termination of the inmate’s court-imposed sentence, with a period of supervision to be successfully completed by compliance with the conditions and terms of the release agreement ordered by the Commission. The decision of the Commission to parole an inmate shall stand for an act of grace of the State and should not be considered a right. Probation is a period of supervision in the community imposed by the court as an alternative to imprisonment. These offenders are supervised by the Department of Corrections. While on probation, a condition of the sentence may be to have weekly or monthly meetings with a probation
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Capacity to provide medical care is hampered by insufficient supplies and primitive facilities. Dysentery and yellow jaundice, probably due to Hepatitis A, are epidemic and many, many, many prisoners had already died, mainly from dysentery, some from pneumonia. Al-wathba prison in Abu Dhabi is notorious for its human rights abuse, stoning to death, lashings, and excess numbers. Inmates sleep in cells designed for 8 which hold up to 22 inmates with 3 lice infested blankets on a cement floor. African prisoners continue to face serious abuses. Poor circumstances and lack of resources have turned many African prisons into places of dishonesty, abuse, HIV, drugs & cruelty. There are many Australian Prisons in various states in Australia. Australia also home to several private run-at-a-profit prisons and new Supa-Max prisons for high risk offenders. You will be able to find information, and where available, photographs of Australian prisons all categorized by state and/or security divisions. There are 38 major prisons currently in Burma. Over 20 house political prisoners. At least 1500 Political Prisoners [that we know of] are currently incarcerated in Burmese Prisons. Many of these are women. Along with the general prison population they must survive on a minimum of food and water, inadequate medical attention where exposure to AIDS and other communicable diseases occurs on a daily basis. They also endure

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