Regulatory Agency Essay

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Regulatory Agency Paper
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HCS 430
October 22, 2012

This paper will better inform how the Joint Commission Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) came into existence. The JCAHO is responsible for the accreditation of healthcare organizations nationwide. JCAHO’s goal is to ensure that specific guidelines are meet and that the organizations operate in a safe manner for their patient’s and its employees. The Joint Commissioned Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) came along side of the American College of Surgeons (ACS) which established its program in the early 1900’s until 1952. This agency was responsible for on-site inspections of hospitals. Only a few hospitals meet the requirements
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Their goal is to improve quality management, increase compliances and improve the health of the communities. The structure of JHACO is not regulated by the government. It does not have the authority to cite or fine health care organizations for not meeting the standards. Their standards however, do carry a hefty weight for failure to comply with the accreditation rules. This means that the organization can lose its accreditation and Medicare and Medicaid funding. This could mean the loss of millions of dollars from these programs alone. The duties that JHACO are responsible for are maintain the mission of the organization. The other duties involve maintaining current knowledge of health issues and trends and other public policies. The JHACO is also responsible for maintaining financial records, assist in developing activities and help with fundraising strategies. One of the segment’s of health care industry that JHACO focus on is the patient safety and standards. A sentinel event is an unexpected occurrence involving death or serious physical or psychological injury, or the risk thereof. What would be considered a serious injury would be a loss of limb, or its function and, or loss of life. These events are called sentinel events because they require immediate attention from JHACO. The goal of JHACO in this area is to reduce injuries such as inpatient suicide, initiate the wrong surgery, fatal falls and

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