Refugee Blues by W.H Auden Essay

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“Refugee blues” is 1 of the poems written by W H Auden. It is about a sad and terrible plight of being a Jew in the wrong place at the wrong time. Obviously, as a refugee, the couple has lost their home, their country and their identity. The melancholy feeling comes through strongly in the blues - a sad song.
Though the poem is about 2 people at a particular time in the past the thoughts and feelings of the poem’s narrator might be similar to situations in any part of the world 2day.this poem is set in Germany in 1930’s when the Jewish ppl were being persecuted by the Nazi regime.
The poem begins by introducing a city with 10 million people in it. Some have the luxury of living in a mansion; this is directly contrasted with the rest who
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They offered a temporary help of a 'chair' but telling them to come back 'next year’, is a way of stating that they shouldn't come back at all. The desperation is creeping into the tone of the speaker now: 'But where shall we go today?' They need help now. Next year is way too late, Help is needed today. They are doing things properly and at the public meeting, their next stop, they are demonized and stereotyped as a group of thieves as the committee member says 'they' will steal our 'daily bread'. The calm acceptance of this slur makes the speaker of the poem seem better when he states 'He was talking about you and me'.
Symbolism is thick in the next stanza and the thunder that is Hitler coming to kill all the Jews is a drastic change in tone; it's threatening, ominous, and deadly. The next few stanzas refer to him observing the world with a new perspective: it's wrong that animals are treated better than humans and they wear smart clothes and have doors opened for them (metaphorically they have had all the doors shut on them). The fish are free because they have no rules, no religion, no politics - nature is better than the conditions they find themselves in. Even the birds are free to sing as happy as they like.
The huge sympathy we feel for this couple is built up even more in the last two stanzas: the hopes and dreams of just having one room in a building made up of a thousand floors is awful. This is contrasted with the fact they are

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