Reformations Being Reformed Essay

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Reformations Being Reformed Greek universities have always been the favorable battleground for political parties in the last 30 years. Young supporters armed with partisan zeal have been fighting each other mostly verbally, but sometimes by force too. This had been happening for the primacy of the students’ movement on behalf of their political patrons, while at the same time laying the stepping stone for their future professional careers within the party apparatus. Professors are also actively involved in this entanglement choosing sides either based on their political preferences or their personal objectives. This interaction with the students benefited a few of them but defamed and scorned the rest. All those who were not collaborating …show more content…
Furthermore, it regarded that immediate implementation of this new voting system as a prerequisite for the subsequent funding for each one of the universities. In opposing the new legal framework a group of students, academics and university employees not only raised their voices against it. Nonetheless throughout the course of the year they made every physical effort in order to prevent the practical implementation of the voting provision. Through the occupied universities, demonstrations and blocking of the Councils of Administration, the militant part of the academic community for a year hasn’t stopped fighting for the annulment of the law. ”The reformations that were voted were widely accepted, with percentages entirely unusual for the Greek parliament” says Vasilios Vlaseros from the School of Economics of the University of Edinburgh. As he has a deep knowledge of the Greek academic operational consensus, he regards the implementation of the law, aims at putting an end both at the self-governed system and at the co-administration through the exclusion of the students. “The law is in the right direction as it reduces the role of the political parties, a fact that explains the enormous obstacles it has encountered” says Mr. Vlaseros. Nevertheless, in the beginning of the New Year the state capitulated to the vested interests and in a direct breach of the law as universities received their 2012 funding

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