Refletorical Analysis: Moodle Questions In 'Whale Rider'

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Moodle Questions


In the fiim Whale Rider A family lost their mother and son, leaving a father with his daughter. The family had Patriarchy amongst them. The daughter was a disappointment to the grandfather. This young lady not knowing what she was born into struggled with being excepted due to her gender. Grandfather Koro needed a grandson to for fill the family 's honor. Their family needed a leader ( male figure) A chief to leave their people out of the bed. Paikea was the name given to this baby girl, which is the name of their ancestor. Paikea has been capable of doing anything she put her mind to. She could do everything for male peers would do maybe even better. She went against your grandfather Koro and learn the ways of the chief.
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Each character had to make a tough decision. The father of Pai have a decision to leave his child behind after the loss of his wife and son. He came back for her to be a part of her life but she refused to leave. He had to respect her wishes. Grandfather Koro did not accept Pai because she was a female. Pai did not live up to her grandfather 's expectations because she could not be chief. Koro learned to accept her only after almost losing her. Pai had Mission to gain acceptance of the man she looked up to. Koro did not accept her because of her gender. She could not be a chief because she was not a female. Pai went out of her way to prove to him that she was good enough. She proved to him that gender did not stop her from achieving something she wanted for herself. She just wanted a fighting chance. These two men had the biggest impact on her life. They taught themselves to love and care for Pai. To accept her for who she was not shame her for what she wasn …show more content…
I 've taken responsibility for someone else violating me. I blame myself for what both of them did to me. I blame myself for my sperm donor leaving. I felt that if I was good enough or if he loved me he would be here in my life today. I take responsibility and helping my mother raise her children and provide for us all. I have been searching for a job to help us because is not easy living house with other people. I 'm the smart one so I hope my sisters with homework and tutoring. I give money to help my mother whatever way possible. I 've made it my burden to take responsibility for decisions I made to help others. The hardest decision I 've made was hurting myself to release pain in my heart. I feel that if I focus on that other pain and it will hurt less to love, care, and be there for those who aren 't there for

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