Reflective Writing Piece Shared Histories And Cultural Identity What Is Meant By A Shared Sense Of History

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ABORIGINAL PEOPLE - AB100 Assessment 1: Reflective Writing Piece Shared Histories and Cultural Identity What is meant by a ‘shared sense of history’? Provide a brief summary. ‘Shared sense of history’ Shared history recognises that Australia’s history began long before 1788 and that, since then, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians have occupied the same country and share a destiny based on recognising and respecting the rights of all Australians beginning with Aboriginal people as the original inhabitants. “The lives of Indigenous Australians today are affected by what has happened to us and our ancestors over the past 230 years since Europeans arrived. This can be hard for non-Indigenous people to understand, particularly if you haven’t learned much about Australian history at school.” “When people have some knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture they are more likely to share our pride and to want to improve relationships between us as fellow Australians.” Professor Mike Dodson (Reconciliation Australia, n.d.) Todays Australians are not directly responsible for what happened in the past. But it is part of our shared history as Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. Together, we are responsible for what happens in the future. What is your cultural identity and does it impact on your interactions with people from diverse cultures? My cultural identity I feel as though my cultural identity isn’t ruled by my race or family background. I believe…

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