Worldview Essay Conclusion

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How does one define their place within the world? Is there truth to be found and if so how do we find it? If there’s not, then what is the purpose of life? What governs our actions and relationships on this planet? Are we going through motions to a determined and explainable end, or are all the roller coaster rides we take in life done in vain? These are all questions that determine how someone lives their life and define their worldview. I would like to walk you through my developing worldview and how I came to these decisions as well as explain how it will impact the way I live my life.
Before I took this class, worldview was not a word within my vocabulary. I have beliefs and faith and convictions in my life, but never had the understanding
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There are many who say that “you are Christian because you were raised that way,” however, I beg to differ. Beliefs are somewhat constructed by culture, yes, but they are also based on the heart, life experience and choice. Feelings and emotions are real and felt by all people on this earth. I have felt peace that I cannot explain in times of trouble and sorrow, I attribute that peace to my God. My purpose is to teach others of the peace found in Jesus. Live my life as an example of God’s ways so that others are drawn to the gospel. We as Christians must show kindness and forgiveness, remember the mercy that has been given to us and our sinful ways, then pay it forward. People are not drawn to Christianity by mere chance, it’s God pulling them to Him; it’s our job to show them who He can be for them, accept them and show them His light. Christians should not be swayed by the world but should sway the world to it’s creator. Going to church once a week and praying to God are part of being a Christian but no all it is, we should be applying His word to all aspects of our lives, church, parenting, work, and school; through good and bad times involve Him, after all He is our Father and desires what is best for

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