Reflections And Experiences Of Developing The Qip ) Essay

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Reflections (Experiences of developing the QIP):
Consider the patent’s situation
During my placement with SSU, some patients complain to me that they did not receive clear information about their treatment plan from the health professionals. They appeared frustrating and angry and tended to use the call bell more often.
Reflecting back to the situation, patients felt angry and frustration because they did not receive clear information from the staffs. As a nurse, we have the responsibility to maintain effective communication with the patients to deliver the requirement in the National Competency Standard (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, 2006). In this incident, the staffs fail to communicate effectively with the patients. Therefore, miscommunication problem is the right cue of causing the patients’ situation.

Collect information
I started to observe the nursing activities on shift and I found out that the handover was done at the nursing station and the involvement of the patients were low. I noticed an increasing number of call bells initiated by the patients asking about their treatment plan. It indicates that the problem may due to the handover process and I recalled the standard six of clinical handover in the NSQHS (Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, 2012).
In this step, I collect the information by observing the handover process and listening to the patients’ concerns. I identify the right patients who…

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