Reflection Paper On Religion, Science And Religion

1706 Words Jan 12th, 2016 null Page
Religion provides a background that a person will always be able to carry with them. Even if a person does not believe in religion, science provides the same advantages. They both explain how and why this Earth and everything on it was created. Both also provide a group that a person can belong to. It is human nature to want to belong to a group, and science and religion provide this. But, just because you associate yourself with a religious group, it does not mean you have the same interpretations of others in that group. In the analysis of the ten interview questions, you will see that very statement is true. My first interviewee was my grandmother. My grandmother was born and raised in the Lutheran faith. Her mother, my great-grandmother, was Catholic and her father, my great-grandfather, was Lutheran. When they got married, my great-grandmother converted to Lutheran. In my grandmother’s forty’s, she converted to Catholicism. She attends mass every Saturday night. Attending mass regularly provides her with comfort and strengthens her belief in Jesus Christ. Other than the two religions she has practiced, she has had no formal education of other religions. Due to everything going on in the world today, my grandmother would like to learn more about the Islam faith. She believes it is very important to try to understand cultures that are very different from your own. My grandmother chose to be most fearful of Islam because the religion is foreign to her, and because of…

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