Essay Reflection On Visiting An Uncomfortable Place

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Reflection on Visiting an Uncomfortable Place I used to feel uncomfortable in any place of worship other than mosques for two main reasons. First, I grew up in an Islamic country where building houses of worship other than mosques is not allowed for religious reasons. Second, I chose to go to a Sikh temple because in my community, there is a common stereotype that Sikhs do not get along with Muslims. Growing up with this idea, made me presume that there are barriers between us, so I can not get closer to that culture. Culture description: India is one of the most religiously and ethnically diverse countries in the world; therefore, I strongly believe that its inefficient to ignore any of these various cultures and generalize one culture for India. Thus, I chose to focus on one of the most popular religious group in India which is Sikhs. Even though religion is one of the cultural programming elements, some cultures identified themselves by their religion.
I decided to visit one of the Sikhism temples, Guru Nanak Sikh Temple, to apply what I have learned in this Cross-Cultural Conflict course. Before I went there, I searched and read about the Indian culture, specifically, the Punjabi culture, where majority of the Sikh people come from. In order for me to interact with Sikhs, observe and analyze their culture closely, I went to their temple on a Sunday morning when most of the Sikhs go to the temple. However, I discovered that the culture of Indian and the religion of…

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