Is Poverty Inter-Generational Analysis

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Is poverty inter-generational? Is an adult education attainable; furthermore can single undereducated parent provide that path for a child’s belief that education is a first-class ticket out of poverty? Thinking about myself in every angle I have grown to understand the changing behaviors attained through beliefs, values, cultural alliance, and the circumstances which mutually have influenced my outward actions. My life has known its share of hardships, but good parenting as an anchor has molded my sociological ever-changing portrait for the need to succeed. Consequently, an outcome to either societal bounds or deviant perspectives of unfavorable statistic of a female-headed household has not shaken my belief that poverty should not be an obstacle. …show more content…
I live paycheck-by-paycheck in a working class community, but I struggle to pay bills, despite that I’ve adapted to being frugal. The environmental and healthy conscience consumer is one of my better traits. However, I know there are other households and people who are living in conditions where these are not feasible or educated choices. I have contributed with time to local shelters, food banks and meet-up groups with social concerns. I am grateful for what I do have, and now I realize that these community activities can be related to my sociological behaviors. In fact to my surprise an article I read from the Journal of Health and Social Behavior; The relationship of volunteering to psychological well-being was moderated by level of social integration, such that those who were less well integrated benefited the most (Piliavin, Siegl, & Journal of Health and Social Behavior, 2007). Today, I live several hundred miles from away for old friends and family, but volunteering my time has been rewarding. Outside my home my only contact aside to my children school activities are based on meeting people from all lifestyles through volunteered work and enlighten topic …show more content…
Without a doubt, I have instilled the importance of a college education to my children, friends and family. Perhaps my past failed attempt was met by high stress levels of single-parenting younger children, and working outside of my home. This journey into college is nonetheless taxing, but time management is in my favor. Beside, this time I am doing exactly what I wanted to pursue, and concern about failure is practically non-existing. I dare to say that true artistic passion and creative writing is not necessarily be obtained in the college degree of my choice. However, I like to think of myself as the unruly yet malleable flower in which its stem requires a brace to assist its potential growth. College has the foundations to train a virtue, and the knowledge I will obtain will contribute in navigating my publishing venture. Many children of parents who went back to school have high respect for their parents’ sacrifices and are likely to make education a priority for themselves (Williamson Columnist & Distance, 2009). A fact that alone is worth my commitment to college, and I humbly accept if that were to be sole result. In addition, my children socioeconomics will effect society, their social class grouping, quality of living at a young age, and like any compassionate parent I wish them a better

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