New Deal Reflection

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J’Taiya Carr 4/6/16 Chapter 28 REFLECTION PAPER 4
The United States went from enjoying a prosperous, lush lifestyle to massive debt and rising unemployment. The valiant efforts of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his New Deals did not make as big as an impact as people had hoped. The New Deal did help many individuals, but I believe it just was not enough. America was also practicing the art of isolationism so as to focus solely on our problems. Roosevelt promoted “the policy of the good neighbor” in the Western Hemisphere, and the policy involved withdrawing U.S. troops from Nicaragua and Haiti. A treaty was also drawn up with Cuba to dissolve the Platt Amendment and that was the last of our interference in Latin America. While this
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The U.S. called their neutrality, although we sold military supplies to France and Britain. This helped but Hitler’s infamous military tactic called Blitzkrieg would destroy many European cities. France took heavy fire and this resulted in their surrender to Germany. All that was left was Britain and Soviet Union for the Axis powers to conquer. I feel as if all countries were on edge as they waited for Britain and Germany’s next move. America was still calling neutral but continued to sell weapons to Britain and started the Manhattan project. Albert Einstein, a Jewish Austrian refugee, informed Roosevelt in 1939 that Germany was trying to develop an atomic bomb. I imagine the Nazi’s would have forced Einstein to help them if had not managed to escape. We claimed to be neutral but none of our actions supported the notion. Britain was able to combat against Germany, while the U.S. elected Roosevelt for a third term. Many were against Roosevelt’s helping Britain by leasing or lending them military equipment. Roosevelt understood that the fall or Britain would bring massive consequences. Now, the war in Europe expanded. Hitler attacked the Soviet Union and was advancing until winter hit. History always finds a way to repeat because once again a foreign army would succumb to defeat by Russian troops and weather. After this surprise attack, the U.S. and Britain offered aid …show more content…
Russia was undergoing a lot of pressure from Germany and demanded America and Britain helped relieve the intensity. The Allies decided to invade through North Africa, eventually becoming victorious, and soon found a way to thwart U-boats. This had to be a major advantage because German U-boats were strong and known for thwarting the British. The British deciphered German Naval codes and the development of sonar and radar was an advantage for the Allies. Many technological advantages seem to be spurred on by war. This is a great but horrible thing because it is the threat of death and destruction that brings about weapons and technology, rather than wanting to better the world during a time of peace. Now, Italy was soon liberated after the victory in Africa and victory in Italy brought about the infamous D-Day. This great invasion of Normandy called Operation Overlord almost failed due to dangerous weather conditions. The Allied forces lost many men, not from enemies but mother nature, but the Germans experiences devastating losses. This was the turning point in the war. After D-Day, Russia launched an offensive attack that devastated Germany as well. There must have been extreme elation at the news of a weakening German defense and great Allied victory. However, I was surprised to read

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