Reflection Model : My Personal And Professional Skills Essay

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ibbs Reflection Model
Engaging inter-professionally within seminars, practical classes and group work sessions in this module has developed my personal and professional skills significantly.
Topics studied included Professionalism, The Patient Journey, Study Skills and Inter-professional Education but I will follow Gibbs Model of Reflection (1998) to illustrate how attending and participating in practical classes on Emergency Life Support and seminars on Teamwork were instrumental in my development. This Model contemplates a six-stage cycle. (See Appendix 1)
A three-hour Emergency Life Support course held in a practical room on Campus on 28th October and led by a local physiologist endeavoured to provide the knowledge and practical skills necessary to competently cope with someone needing emergency life support.
The lecturer’s expertise led to a teacher centred approach instructing me concerning subject matters such as Recovery Position, Chain Of Survival, Lifesaving Procedures (Choking, bleeding) and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).
I learned causes of different heart conditions, including myocardial infarctions and heart attacks. “A heart attack is … caused by a sudden obstruction of the blood supply to part of the heart muscle- … a clot in the coronary arteries.’’ (Cleaver, Crawford, and Armstrong, 2006 p.125) whereas a myocardial infarction is when “part of the coronary circulation becomes blocked and cardiac muscle cells die from ……

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