Reflection About Religion

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Religion has always been an institution that humans use to cope with the unknown. In my life I see religion as god being in a billion boxes, but no one can open any of the boxes. Billions of humans try to open these boxes but none have been successful so far. I think religion is unnecessary in the modern world. Religion provides hope for a better future to the average believer; however, in my eyes I see religion growing into a form of discrimination. Not discrimination of race, age or looks but of a person 's morals and values. If someone commits a horrible act in a society, they are told they will not be accepted by their god. Religion, should be something that causes no problems or fights or arguments. Religion should be a personal belief …show more content…
Families are divided when a member converts to another religion. People are killed because they believe a different religion. The problem isn 't religion; the problem is corrupted beliefs within a religion . The more things that make humans different the more that fundamentalist will fight and force their way of life onto others. When someone asks what I believe, this is what I answer. My family is very accepting, so when my brother decided he no longer believed in worshiping god they accepted it after a little while. At first my mom didn’t like this, and she started pressuring me to be more religious because she didn’t want me to be like my brother. I have seen families like mine who love each other be torn apart because of something that is supposedly used to bring people together. Religion teaches people intolerance, not by the actual religion but the people in it. It preaches to not judge and to be a good person but for some reason, some people make it their mission to convert people to their religion and if they don’t they are excluded or in danger. This is where the intolerance comes from. The idea about being watched and judged all the time causes people to think that they should convert others or else it’s a sin. A good religion should not care what other religions beliefs are. A good religion should be personal and shouldn’t be something that can be associated with a …show more content…
Religion should be a thing that people believe or not. it doesn’t matter either way as we know it, so it may as well go un noticed in our communities. Religion, when practiced correctly, is personal. It should never be used to judge or make others believe the same but should be used to promote personal improvement. Religion is something that can change lives and save people but with the world rapidly coming together its separating us as a progressive

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