Reflection About Curriculum Reflection

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Curriculum Reflection

As a student and second year Special Education teacher at Keystone Central School District, my knowledge and experience with curriculum is minimal, yet valuable. While student teaching, I have also had the opportunity to experience teaching in two different districts that have curriculums that are followed rigorously. From these two differing experiences in my life, I have formed several personal views on how curriculum does not affect high quality instruction, as well as the pros and cons of curriculum. Growing up and teaching in the Keystone Central School District has been quite the learning adventure. In my district, learning has been individualized, exciting, and engaging. As far back as an elementary student,
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I had to meet daily with grade level teachers to confirm what unit, lesson, and pages were being taught. I had to make sure I was teaching the same material to my students for 30 minutes before they were included in the regular education class for the same lesson. However, I had the opportunity to creatively teach the content in an engaging, yet meaningful manner. I needed to teach the content and allow the students to practice the skill before returning to the regular education classroom. In the regular education classroom, students would then be re-taught the scripted lesson and better prepared to complete the workbook …show more content…
A strictly followed curriculum can negatively impact the district, teachers, and students. Curriculums have a tendency to take away from a teacher’s creativity and individuality of instruction. When implementing a rigorous curriculum, some aspects of learning are lost, such as individual learning styles, students’ needs, and involvement. Curriculums do not always allow the freedom to involve all students with various learning styles, like kinesthetic and visual learners. The majority of materials for curriculums are paper and pencil workbook and textbook activities, which require students to use their imagination to visualize. Paper and pencil activities in any content area can be perceived as boring by any student at any grade

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