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Project Overview:
The project at hand involves constructing a fifth hostel at T. A. Pai Management Institute, Manipal. For the same, all the major timelines have been decided and special emphasis has been made to make sure there is least amount of wastage of resources (human, capital) and to ensure their maximum utilization.
Keeping in view the increasing number of student intake at TAPMI, there has been a situation in campus wherein the male students are living on triple-share basis. To address this issue, the construction of a fifth hostel is very important wherein the number of rooms available is – 120 (3 floors – 40 rooms/floor). These rooms will accommodate students on twin sharing basis,
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However, another hostel is the need of the hour, and therefore the need for this project. The Project is set to commence from the 1st of September 2014.
This hostel is being constructed to take advantage of the latest building materials and codes and will employ emerging technology to minimize energy consumption. Construction will be overseen and managed by Sridhar Hostel Builders, the prime contractor who may subcontract components of the construction effort. All labor will be bonded and all materials will meet or exceed local building code guidelines.

B. Project Deliverables:
This project is being carried out to serve as an accommodation for the male and female students at TAPMI.
Finalizing the exact location of the hostel, and narrowing down on the contractor for construction
All HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) of the Hostel
Accurate landscaping, finish work: including inside and exterior doors, interior and exterior cabinetry and doors
Bathroom fixtures, including washing area on each floor
Staff requirement to maintain the hostel

C. Milestones:
The construction of the Hostel should be done before July 2015. The Project milestones are:
Architectural drawings complete and approved
Building permit approved
Lot preparation and clearing complete
Foundation excavation complete
Footings poured and set
Foundation poured, block construction complete, foundation set
Landscape complete

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