Reconstruction Of The Civil War Essay

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The Freedpeople “Big Question” In order to answer any questions about history that as why or how, we must first look at the people involved. The portion of history immediately following the American Civil War are also known as the Reconstruction Era. It is difficult to name an era while experiencing it, so why is it considered the reconstruction era? The term reconstruction does not mean the rebuilding of a physical building or place when talked about in the sense of the Era. Reconstruction when looking at post-civil war times is aimed at the reconstruction of values and rights. During the civil war one of the largest issues was the black men/women’s’ place in society either as property or as people. The era redefined individual rights for example, freed blacks had the right to be an individual, but were still not equally treated as whites. The most difficult question in the Reconstruction Era was, what rights should freedpeople have? Throughout the next fourteen years the nation would debate this crucial idea. As the debate became a larger issue there became three major sides democrats, republicans, and black freedmen. The northern an southern whites treated the black population as mindless child-like beings. Throughout history before, during, and after the civil war the majority of the decisions were made by the white men. Yet the one thing that was argued about was freedom. How is it true freedom when someone is continuously telling you what "your freedom" is and how to…

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